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ColorJet Installs Soft Signage Printing Machine at The Flags and Signage Pvt. Ltd.


ColorJet India has recently installed the high-speed SOFTJET GRAND, which is a 3.2 metres wide soft signage printer at the flags and signage Pvt ltd, Mumbai. The Flags and Signage Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of all kinds of flags and also soft signage like- One/two side street pole banner, Tradeshow table cover, wall screen banner stand, Fabric light box and many more. The company has installed the SOFTJET GRAND to cater to the demand for digital soft signage from large companies and high profile customers.

The SOFTJET GRAND is a 3.2 metres wide printer and is completely in-sync with the diverse requirements of current markets and has been demonstrated in Australia, Dubai , Germany , Italy , India , China and many more countries. It is an industrial soft signage printer that combines digital advantages and is efficiently optimised to replace PVC-based media completely.

SoftJet Grand
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It easily prints on polyester-based fabrics, which can be recycled and uses environment-friendly aqueous based inks. The SOFTJET GRAND is most suitable for a large range of soft signage applications, such as banners, displays, wall decorations, signage, parasols, flags, backdrops and outdoor advertisements.

"The Flags and signage Pvt ltd added the SOFTJET GRAND printer to fulfil soft signage demands and in accordance with the diverse requirements of the current market. From the stadium and convention hall to the airport and high-end retailer, demand for soft signage is popping up across the consumer landscape."


"The demand for green technology products too is increasing and SOFTJET GRAND will address all these needs. SoftJet Grand does not compromise on quality, and will not only meet the demands of corporate customers and brands, but will fetch more business as well."

SoftJet Grand is a direct-to-fabric printer that enables to do more jobs than ever before. It provides four-colour printing, supported with ColorJet AIVC technology and which generates 3 dot types for smoother gradation, vivid colours and sharp images for exceptional fabric display graphics. It also gives ultra-high resolution of up to 1,440 DPI and four level grayscale printing with 4pL-18pL drop sizes.

Its unique individual head purging system cleans individual print heads and helps to reduce ink wastage during the cleaning process. The ColorJet in-house R&D team has come up with an intelligent design and automated features, which make the SOFTJET GRAND easy to use.

Additionally, the direct disperse printing process unblocks textile fibres by heat, to absorb the colours, due to which the colours become an integral part of the fabric during fixation, thereby offering a natural look compared to Latex and UV.

"It is a proud privilege for us that our SOFTJET GRAND is the most sought after product in the soft signage category. We will strive to reinforce this demand even more and will do more improvements in near future," Smarth Bansal - DGM (Product Management) at ColorJet India said.

"The SOFTJET GRAND has become popular by not just talking about innovations, but actually implementing them in reality. Through the SOFTJET GRAND, we mainly target the PSP's, who are doing premium quality job work printing for large companies and brands," he too added.

colorjet DGM smarth bansal